Due Date (and how to avoid stress)

This seems to give many new parents to be the most stress. Usually two weeks before the due date you are starting to count down the days, as are most of your friends and family.

What happens when you are eagerly anticipating an event? You get nervous/excited, which can lead to anxiety and insomnia – this can decrease oxytocin (the very thing that needs to be as high as possible for labour to commence).

Not great when you want to stay as calm as possible.

Did you know due dates are worked out on an archaic formula, devised in the 17th century? It’s worked out by the last day of your period, add a week and then add 9 months.

But our bodies aren’t precise timekeeping instruments and neither are our babies. As a guide most babies are born between 37 and 42 weeks. I say be prepared at 37 weeks, then relax and aim for 42 weeks (unless there is a medical reason not to wait).

My tip is when your doctor or midwife works out your due date add on two weeks and tell your friends and family this date. This leaves you to be calm and not harassed and concentrate on building up your happy hormones 😊

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