Should I write a Birth Plan?

The short answer is YES YES YES! I know that some people are reluctant to write one as they are aware that things can change. Although this is true, it’s still so important to have a plan for several reasons.

Firstly, it really focuses you on what you want your birth to look like. Secondly, it’s great to open up discussion with your birth partner.

Thirdly, it really helps your midwives to accommodate your wishes as much as possible.

So how should you write a birth plan?

Most importantly are the three W’s:

  • Where do you want to be? at home, in a midwife led unit or or a hospital birth.
  • Who do you want in the room? This will name birth partners but also you can state whether you want medical students or not.
  • What procedures do you not want? Such as examinations to see how dilated you are or having your waters broken.

Obviously if you are reading this I’m hoping you will be considering hypnobirthing so please write this in your plan. Many midwives are aware of the benefits of hypnobirthing and will be able to support you.

Keep your birth plan easy to read and succinct. Visual birth plans are ideal as anyone can see your preferences at a glance. Remember the more you are in control of your birthing rights the more empowered a birth you will have.